Global presence

Mothercare plc is an increasingly global business with over 60% of space and worldwide sales attributable to our International business.

In the UK, we now (as at 26 March 2016) have 170 stores – 168 Mothercare and eight Early Learning Centre stores, across 1.6 million sq. ft. of retail space. Our UK business is progressively moving towards an onmi-channel offering for our customers with online accounting for over a third total UK sales.

Internationally, our Franchise Partners operate across four regions – Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Our Franchise Partners operate through 1,310 stores and have 3.0 million sq.ft. of retail space (as at 26 March 2016).

Franchise Partners operate a network of Mothercare and/or Early Learning Centre stores and in a growing number of cases transactional websites. Franchise Partners operate under the Mothercare and/or Early Learning Centre trademarks and ensure our customers receive a consistent best in class level of service across all territories we operate in. Exclusively designed Mothercare and Early Learning Centre products sourced by the Group are sold in our stores and websites around the world with ranges tailored for local climates and customer requirements. Franchises are awarded to one partner per territory and typically include both the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands, although in some markets we have separate partners for each brand.

Our global presence

Variety of store formats to meet customer needs

Our stores, both in the UK and across our International markets, use a variety of formats to serve the needs of the needs of our customers. This varies from the smaller shop-in-shop format to mid-sized high street store to the larger out-of-town or larger store in a mall. We work to ensure each store fits the needs of our customer based in that particular territory.