Shareholder forms

Change of address

If you have registered for the online Shareview service provided by Equiniti you can amend your address online.

Otherwise you will need to download and complete this form, and return it to the registrars.

Change of address

Alternatively write a letter to the registrars which should include the following:

  • your name in full, as it appears on your share certificate(s)
  • your previous address
  • your new address
  • your shareholder reference number

This letter must be signed. For security reasons the registrars cannot accept address changes over the telephone.

Dividend mandate

For security reasons we prefer to pay your dividends directly in to your UK bank or building society account. The benefits are that dividends will be credited to your account on the payment date and you will not have to wait for a cheque to clear on your account. A tax voucher will be sent to you so you know how much has been paid in to your account and on which date.

If you would like your dividends to be paid in this way, please download and complete the dividend mandate form and return it to the registrars.

Dividend mandate

An existing mandate can also be amended online once you have registered with Shareview.

For payments direct to a bank outside the UK, please contact the registrars.

Transfer of shares

If you want to transfer your shares to someone that you know, you can transfer your holding by downloading and completing a stock transfer form and then returning this to the registrars. However, prior to doing so you may wish to take financial or legal advice.

Please complete the stock transfer form with:

  • the full name and address details for both transferor (the old owner) and transferee (the new owner)
  • the signature of the transferor
  • the name of the Company (referred to as Name of Undertaking) in which the shares are held i.e. Mothercare plc
  • the class of share (for example Ordinary Shares)
  • the amount to be transferred in both words and figures
  • the appropriate stamp duty declaration on the reverse of the form

Transfer of shares

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