At a glance

Mothercare plc is a global retailer for parents and young children. Our iconic brands have a long history as specialist UK retailers, with Mothercare opening its first store in 1961 and Early Learning Centre in 1974. Both brands resonate well with customers the world over. Across our UK and International businesses, we now have c.1,500 stores across more than 60 countries, offering a range of products from both Mothercare and Early Learning Centre.

In the UK, Mothercare and Early Learning Centre products are sold through the Group’s own multi-channel (in-store and online) retail operations and via a smaller wholesale operation. Internationally, the Group’s products are sold through its Franchise Partners’ retail stores with a small but growing online presence and a fledgling wholesale business for territories where we do not have Franchise Partners.

Worldwide network sales: March 2016 £1,149.4m (4.5)%; International sales £689.7m (7.5)%; UK sales £459.7m +0.3%

Group sales: March 2016 £682.3m (4.4%); International sales £222.6m (13.0%); UK sales £459.7m +0.3%

Underlying profit/(loss) before tax: March 2016 £19.6m +50.8%; International sales £222.6m (13.0)%; UK sales £459.7m +0.3%

Note: The data is as at 26 March 2016.