Investor overview

The intention of the strategic plan is to turn around the trading performance of the Group’s UK business and to enhance that of the International business. Both objectives will ultimately improve returns for shareholders. The key aim is to drive profitability of the UK business by focussing on UK sales and margin improvements which will strengthen the Group’s business and brand in the UK, therefore supporting and facilitating further growth of the International business.

The strategic plan will see the UK business transformed into a digitally-led multi-channel business by improving the online offering while also investing in stores to ensure they are appropriately located with the right product and support for our customers. Improved product, presentation and service form a core part of this transformation, which should help to restore margins whilst also keeping costs under tight control.

The improvements made to the UK business will have a beneficial impact on the International business as well, improving products available, store formats and service while building a multi-channel business through a growing online presence across all the territories in which our Franchise Partners operate.

Our International business, which already spans more than 60 countries worldwide, will benefit from the changes we are making in the UK. Our aim is to continue growing this part of our business.