Our product ranges

The Group offers an extensive range of Clothing & footwear, Home & travel and Toys. In selecting products and product quantities the Group relies on historical trading data, customer orders and feedback, customer insight (based on, among other things, information sourced from the Group’s loyalty scheme and CRM database) and product reviews to determine which products are likely to be popular.

Our products are carefully designed to meet the needs of our customers across all the markets in which we operate. Great care is taken during the design phase to ensure that our ranges meet the quality and safety standards that our customers have come to expect from our brands. The product offering is similar across all our territories with merchandisers all choosing product from the same ranges with some regional differences. This helps to maintain the look and feel across all the markets in which we operate.

Our products fall into three main categories – Clothing & footwear, Home & travel and Toys with Early Learning Centre making up the majority of sales in this segment.

Clothing & footwear: The Group’s Clothing product comprises clothing for infants and children between the ages of 0-8 year (UK) and 0-10 years (International) and maternity apparel. The pricing architecture of ‘Good, Better and Best’ offers value for parents from every day staples through to the more premium Baby K, Little Bird ranges and carefully selected third-party brands. It mainly consists of own-brand or exclusive third-party branded products, which includes ranges for baby, toddler, girls and boys from 3-8 years, nightwear and underwear, footwear and other accessories and swimwear.

The Blooming Marvellous, maternity range was relaunched in FY2013/14 with a younger, more fashionable offering at lower retail prices and has resonated well with customers. It is also supplemented with some third-part maternity brands.

Home & travel: The Group’s Home & travel product category includes car seats, buggy and pushchair systems, bedding, soft furnishings and furniture, bathing products, high chairs, feeding products and baby monitors  amongst other products. These are both own brand and third party branded products.

A significant proportion of the Group’s product offering in Home & travel is from third party brands. This means that similar product is available in other retailer outlets as well. The Group is working closely with its supplier and customers to deliver products that are appropriate and offer a point of difference with exclusively becoming an increasingly important part of our ranges.

Toys: The Group’s Toy category operates mainly through the Early Learning Centre brand. The focus over the last few years has been on investment in product innovation to develop ranges that encourage logical thought and dexterity through touch, textures and shapes.

International sales: Clothing & footwear 64.6%, Home & travel 21.1%, Toys 14.3%; UK sales: Clothing & footwear 36.7%, Home & travel 46%, Toys 17.3%